System Buying or Leasing, Free Solar Panels Installation and Green Energy Solutions For Home & Business

The expense of home and business delivery of solar power continues to be low, while electricity prices continue to go up every year, making now the ideal time to consider solar panel installation. Every household and business using electricity will see benefits with solar power alternatives. Even on cloudy days, strategically placed collector cells will catch and store enough energy to provide optimal value and energy savings.

At Green Tech Solar Solutions, we provide many solar power solutions, offer affordable green energy generation options, including free solar panel installation with convenient leasing for added savings, and use SunPower, the most advanced technology on the market.

  • We have been serving Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, Kern, and San Bernardino counties, and most cities in Southern California, since 1986.
  • Our panels produce 50% more energy than any other panels in the world, and have a Guinness world record for panel efficiency.
  • Because our panels produce more energy, you will need only a small solar system with fewer panels. This choice offers several advantages: It’s the most affordable and cost-effective energy solution (save money), will take less time to install (save time), will use less space on your roof (better design), and we offer them for $0 down.
  • You will get a fixed federal tax credit of 30% and local rebates that are between 3%-30% (Call 800-223-4417 to get your local rebate).
  • You will have the most popular and installed system in California and in the US, with a 25-year warranty.

Most Popular System Panels

Lease Solar Panels

Lease Solar Panels

With a leasing arrangement, you’ll still receive the value of having solar energy without the necessity of upfront payment for installation and materials. Although many people are convinced that solar power is a powerful solution to conventional energy, the costs involved can be prohibitive. Leasing a solar system allows the consumer to have solar panels installed at no cost; thereafter a small monthly lease is initiated at a fixed rate. When deducting this from the typical monthly electric power cost, it’s easy to see why leasing is an attractive and affordable option.

Solar Panel Installers

Solar Panel Installers

Throughout California, you’ll find a wide range of solar companies. The key is finding a service and pricing option that meets your requirements, one that incorporates top quality work and superior solar panel installation and products. If you are located in the Southern California region, including greater Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, Kern, or San Bernardino counties, allow us to provide you with a free solar power consultation.

About Green tech solar solutions

About Green Solar Solutions

Green Tech Solar Solution can help you determine the best solar solution based upon your current energy requirements and budget. Whether you are looking for a monthly leasing option, or an immediate purchase, fill out our convenient form or call us at 800-223-4417 today. Additionally, by generating more electricity than you currently are consuming, we can show you how to turn this into an additional revenue source by selling the excess electricity back to your local utility provider.

  • $0 Down! Lease Or Buy Solar Panels!
  • Save Money and Save the Environment!
  • Watch Your Electric Meter Spin Backwards!
  • Lower Your Electrical Bill up to 100%

  • Receive up to 50% Credit & Tax Rebates
  • Protect Yourself Against Utility Rate Hikes
  • Use Green Energy for $0 Down! Lease Or Buy Panels Today! Call 800-223-4417